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Revitalize Your WorkSpace with LoMaxx Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta, Ga

Our cleaning specialists are very detailed when it comes to the deep cleaning of your rugs, carpet, or upholstery. Utilizing a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning system, our equipment dives way below the surface of your carpet fibers to loosen and lift dirt, dust, and other grime from your environment. Our method of cleaning leaves your carpets and home fresh and also maximizing the life of your carpet. Carpets are dry in no time which means that your kids and pets can resume their regular scheduled activities. We use non toxic and organic cleaning solutions.

Speaking of pet stains, do you have strong urine smells and soiled carpets or upholstery? We utilize a specialized cleaning method for these types of stains using a powerful detergent-free enzyme treatment. You can inform our cleaning technicians about problem areas when they arrive on-site. We specialize in all things from rugs, upholstery, tile & grout cleaning to air duct and dryer vent cleaning. We have friendly operators standing by 24 hours a day to take your call immediately so don’t hesitate to call us when you need help with your house carpet cleaning!

The Professional Way to Keep Pet Odors Away!

For many of us, pets are not just companion animals, they are members of the family. However, your furry pals can also be your carpet’s worst enemy. When pets relieve themselves on carpets, they can cause problematic odors that may not be easily removed. Moreover, pet odors tend to remain on carpets for a long time, further encouraging dogs and cats to repeat the offense over and over again. Aside from carpet stains, pet odors are a frustrating and potentially embarrassing problem that people living with companion animals have to contend with. Where these smells are coming from might not always be easy to pinpoint, and removing them can be challenging. Thankfully, professional carpet cleaners like Lomaxx can help you get rid of stubborn pet odors. Equipped with advanced tools and equipment, our carpet cleaning specialists will give your carpet a good washdown for that thorough cleansing it deserves.

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Expert Carpet Stretching and Repairs!

When carpet is initially installed loosely then its normal reaction over time coupled with years of furniture moving is to ripple. The other more common reasons in Georgia include things like allowing your home to exceed 85 degrees inside. This can happen if you are a seasonal resident and it sits vacant for a time with the AC turned off or set too high. The same is true of course when homes are for sale or are left in a similar condition. Another common reason is making the mistake of moving heavy furniture across the carpet. Regardless of how it rippled one thing will always be true, it is unsightly, creates a tripping hazard and if left alone for very long the problem will only get worse. After awhile you will notice that not only are the ripples getting worse but they’re also darker from getting dirty. When you notice ripples start to form or even if you’ve been staring at that thing for months just remember, the technicians at Lomaxx Carpet Restoration can re-stretch your carpet quickly and return it to its original form.

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